Friday, February 18, 2011

One week to go

Well, we are officially done 2 of our 3 weeks of this experiment so I thought I would give a little update about how it's going. I have been surprised at actually how easy the no frozen and no pre-cooked eating has been, especially given the season. I am realizing that frozen and pre-cooked foods are not ones which I heavily rely on, with the exception of some frozen vegetables in the winter. That, at times, has posed some challenges as I seek a variety of vegetables in the middle of winter. The other challenge that has been ongoing, (and which I mentioned in a previous post) has been defining pre-cooked. Some things are straight-forward like pre-cooked bacon, chicken, or many convenience foods, but it has been interesting to think about canned items, or one of my personal favourite wheat-free snacks, brown rice chips. I am interested to see what our research will reveal in terms of which foods have the greatest impact on the environmental and social justice issues that we are concerned with which then may help us to define which foods we want to avoid more long-term. Although not directly part of this project, it continues to be a challenge for me to limit wheat and sugar. Refined sugars are in everything and wheat is something which our culture uses so readily. If nothing else, the limited wheat and sugar, paired with no frozen and no pre-cooked certainly makes me aware of what I'm eating and forces me to plan and organize well!

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  1. Unfortunately I was in Cuba for most of your experiment. But I have tons of recipes and cookbooks that are wheat free and sugar free should you desire to continue.