Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, we're only one day in and after text after text after text back and forth between Caitiejo and I, we've revised our restrictions. We've decided on no frozen and no pre-cooked because no pre-packaged is just too hard to define! How would you define "pre-packaged"? Cereal? Crackers? Oatmeal? At first glance no frozen and no pre-cooked seemed easy until I started thinking about things like canned tuna and soup which we decided are technically pre-cooked. My weekly meal plan is underway (which I do every week anyway), but I'm open to suggestions. Any good wheat & sugar free recipes out there that don't use anything frozen or pre-cooked?


  1. I just ate a yummy supper. All fresh, veg, rice, ground beef, cheese, sour cream. Basically, a simplified version of cabbage rolls.

  2. Sounds delish! Side note, who is this that made this delicious dinner? I can't see your profile ;)

  3. He this sounds a lot like the Daniel Fast that I went on last year. If you search Daniel fast you can find tons of recipes and ideas.