Sunday, February 13, 2011

Off to Market We Go!

On Friday morning, Caitiejo and I braved the cold and ventured off to the Farmer's Market to see what's available this time of year which could help support our no frozen, no pre-cooked diet. It was nice to wander around and know that we could buy almost anything and it would fit into our eating parameters without problem. We noted that this is often not the case at most major grocery stores. While not all of the produce was local (and it was clearly labelled as such), a number of farmers utilize greenhouses which allow them to bring local cucumbers, etc. in the middle of February. I was also able to find a couple of wheat-free alternatives to foods I've been missing such as wheat-free tortillas. Regardless of the food we were able to buy, the one overwhelming benefit to this type of shopping is the ability to talk with the farmer or vendor and understand what it is that they're selling. It was nice to have conversations with farmers and feel some sense of supporting the local community. I think the grocery store experience has a tendency to alienate us from the food production process and does not cause us to think about how the food we consume made it to the grocery store.
While at the market, Caitiejo and I picked up some ingredients to make a delicious lunch together. We tried out a couple of types of sausages that would rarely be available in a grocery store and made a salad using fresh lettuce and cucumbers. It was so yummy and a lot of fun to cook and eat together. Overall, our market adventure was a success!

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  1. This just made me so hungry!!!
    This was such a fantastic meal, thank you so much for the great recipe and tips!